Students and IP

For entrepreneurial students and recent graduates WUR offers information on starting a business, incubator facilities and an extensive network of experts and research institutes to work together on an idea or concept.

These ideas and concepts can provide inspiration for a startup. But who owns the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)? Intellectual property rights are regulated by law. It is important to make timely agreements about this.   

The way IPR are regulated by law has now been clarified for students. Check what action you must take and make use of the facilities offered by your university or university medical centre.

  1. Before you start your internship or research project, check your IPR position: what is laid down in your contract?
  2. Read the IPR guideline for students
  3. Conclude clear agreements and record them in writing.

The IPR rules that apply to academic start-ups are laid down in the IPR guideline. These have now been clarified for students in the Addendum to the IPR guideline for students.

If you have any further questions about IPR, consult