ELS’ latest curriculum and faculty development projects in Asia (1/2)

Published on
September 10, 2019

Omid Noroozi as representative of ELS/WUR has been actively involved in various international projects aimed at curriculum and faculty development of different countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Southeast Asia (i.e. Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia).

From July 1 to July 5, as a request of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Omid visited Bangladesh as representative of WUR to participate in various strategic planning workshops for high tech agriculture education and research. The aim was to help Bangladesh in general and Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU) in particular to develop a vision for the future of high tech agricultural research and education. Various stakeholders from ADB, BAU, UGC, ministry representation, and international experts were present in these workshops.

Omid acted as educational technologist and curriculum developer expert and actively contributed to the discussions of various workshops. In this workshop, Omid observed that all the stakeholders involved are keen and serious to make a change with regard to the curriculum and faculty development. Omid thinks that Bangladesh in general and BAU in particular has a great capacity to play an important role in terms of providing food and fruits for the country and to be self-sufficient. Achieving this aim, of course, requires a big change in the current curriculum of the BAU. This will be further followed up by ADB and other stakeholders and upon approval of the funding, ELS could play an important role in this project regarding curriculum development and faculty training.