Innovation for seafood sustainability and nutrient security: AFI at the 12th AFAF in Iloilo

Published on
May 3, 2019

On 10 April 2019, AFI discussed with stakeholders of the sector during the special session Sustainable Sea-Food Security. AFI organised this session with support of NWO and the Food & Business Platform at the 12th AFAF. Four NWO funded research projects and related development projects presented and discussed their results and progress in three sessions.

The 1st discussed Ecological Opportunities of Pond Aquaculture and the 2nd Design & Dissemination of Aquaculture Innovations. The 3rd session was a world-café workshop where the conversations tackled four specific questions:

1.         Which innovative practices in aquaculture can improve seafood sustainability and nutrient security?

2.         Which innovative practices in fisheries can improve sustainability?

3.         What are constraints to adoption of innovations in aquaculture and could they be overcome by co-creation?

4.         Which policies are needed for: (a) vulnerable people to increase their (sea-)food security; (b) companies to avoid environmental externalities while focussing on efficiency and producing more affordable seafood.

The results of the discussions can be found in the Report and the presentations and background documents in its Annexes.