Martijn van Staveren presents his work to the WUR Board of Directors

Published on
September 16, 2014

ENP staff member Martijn van Staveren had the opportunity to present his research project to the WUR Executive Board of Directors, among six other inspiring projects. His presentation was part of the introduction programme of the new president of the Board, Louise Fresco, who was accompanied by Martin Kropff and Tijs Breukink, to acquaint herself with on-going research programs at the Social Sciences Group. Besides listening to management presentations, the Board requested to have a PhD candidate present an on-going research project.

Martijns presentation included some ‘trends’ in how floods are being dealt with in delta settings, which are addressed in the research project: increased attention to ecosystem-based and ‘greener’ flood management interventions, an interest in strategic ‘long term delta planning’, and lastly, the emergence of ‘controlled flooding’ (as opposed to full flood prevention) in various deltas of the world. The latter also included a short preview of the article of the Dutch case study, describing the de-poldering of the Noordwaard, which will be published in the Water International Journal this September.

DOI of the article (activated in a few days)