New HSO member: Sarah Rozenwajn

Published on
March 26, 2018

Sarah: "I have always been interested in health. I had 2 great professional crushes in my life, the first one when I was 14, for midwifery, and the second one when I started my midwifery studies, for health promotion.

worked as a midwife for several years, trying to vary my experience as much as possible, with an eye towards working in public health and health promotion one day. I am currently completing my masters in public health at the EHESP in France, where I have met amazing people and read a lot! During my studies I learned about healtth promotion work in The Netherlands, and how this country is trying to move forward and make things happen. 

I am working with Lenneke Vaandrager as an intern, and also writing my master thesis, on nature and health. It is a systematic literature review on existing strategies that involve nature/green space in daily life, their impacts on health and wellbeing for people of low socioeconomic status.

Ah and yes, there is also nature in my life but that's another story... Life always leads us in unpredictable directions, but in a perfect way.

I am here until June, and I am delighted to participate in your work."