Healthy, Safe and Sustainable food choices in a changing environment

In this project we aim to develop a novel way to research consumers perceptions by means of mobile apps, we explore the use of a digital shelve and an experience room to explore how these novel tools can be used to further understand consumer behaviour, and we aim to explore how an app that provides local nature information influences consumer behaviour.

The possibilities to understand why consumers behave in a certain manner and to measure how they behave increase enormously due to the development of novel technologies, such as mobile telephones which consumers carry often with them and which can be used to track or reach consumers or artificial intelligence which allows to rebuilt for example supermarkets or homes for research purposes. Although the potential of novel technologies to further understand consumer behaviour is generally accepted, it is not fully clear how this potential can be reached. Novel technologies change the way how consumers can be measured and interventions can be developed.


We aim to explore the question "how can novel technology be used to further explain, influence and measure consumer behaviour?" by means of three research lines:

1) we aim to develop an overarching conceptual model, in which knowledge from multidisciplinary approaches can be combined. This new conceptual model can help to find ways to result in more safe and healthy food choices,

2) we aim to explore the question "how can novel technologies be used to measure consumer behaviour in novel ways with added value compared to traditional methods (e.g., cost-effectiveness, richness of insights, reliability, intrusiveness, ease of data collection)?" and

3) we aim to explore the question "how can novel technologies be used to stimulate desired healthy, safe and sustainable consumer behaviour?"

In order to answer these research questions we selected specific cases to dive into these questions.