SMP23006 High quality blueberries from the Peruvian-Dutch supply chain

In the last decade the worldwide consumption of blueberries has increased tremendously (Romo-Muñoz et al., 2019; Protzman, 2021). The increasing supply and demand dynamics bring huge challenges in managing blueberry quality after harvest (e.g. Castro et al., 2002; Duarte-Sierra & Jha, 2022). Year-round supply is currently achieved through global production and relies on logistics to ensure timely and efficient (long) distance distribution from producers to consumers (Nunes et al, 2014). The objective of this project is to ensure that the blueberry quality of blueberries in the Peruvian-Dutch supply chain is of high enough quality for the European market

The impact of the project for the Peruvian-Dutch blueberry chain is both present for supply chain actors, for technology providers, as well as for society. For the supply chain actors, the project aims to improve the product quality of the blueberries on the European market, thereby increasing the
economic position of the Peruvian-Dutch blueberry supply chain. For the technology providers, measurement technology, big data analysis and AI-based concepts are further developed and brought
to practice.

For society the project aims to reduce Food Loos & Waste, thereby creating a more sustainable supply chain.
The project contributes to Mission D2 – consumer, sustainable & healthy food, and specifically to ensuring product quality and stopping food loss & waste. Moreover, the project contributes to Mission S1 by gathering data non-destructively and aggregating this to create better understanding of the
issues and to make better decisions to prevent these.