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Projecten - dr. J (Johannes) Reiche

  • Forest-Carbon-Crime: Mapping mapping near-future illegal forest activities and carbon loss (NWO, 2023 - 2026)
  • Forwards: European observatory of climate change impacts and demonstration network of climate smart restoration pilots (HEurope, 2023 - 2027)
  • Open-Earth-Monitor: Building an open-source cyber-infrastructure to accelerate the uptake of environmental information and help build user communities at European and global levels (HEurope, 2022 - 2027)
  • WWF Forest Early Warning System for avoiding deforestation (WWF-WUR, 2022 - 2024)
  • MINERVA: Building a dutch knowledge network on MIcrowaves for a New Era of Remote sensing of Vegetation for Agricultural monitoring (NWO PIPP 2021 - 2025)
  • RADD Radar-based assessment of tropical forest change dynamics (WRI-Global Forest Watch project funded by NICFI and SilvaCarbon, 2020 - 2023)
  • Big-EO-Analytics: Increasing capacity to combine optical and RADAR Sentinel satellite data for rapid change detection (NWO-STW project, 2018 - 2022)
  • [completed] Developing the massive open online course 'Land in Focus - Basics of Remote Sensing' (ESA project, 2019 - 2022)
  • [completed] RADD palm oil: Sentinel-1-based radar deforestation alerts for Indonesia and Malaysia, including a land-scape initiative with the ten major oil palm producers (WRI-Global Forest Watch project, 2019 - 2021)
  • [completed] openEO: A Common, Open Source Interface between Earth Observation Data Infrastructures and Front-End Applications (H2020 project, 2017 - 2020) 
  • [completed] BACI: Towards a biosphere atmosphere change index (H2020 project, 2015 - 2019)
  • [completed] ReCover: Science based remote sensing services to support REDD and sustainable forest management in tropical region (FP7 project, 2010 - 2013)