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Onderwijsactiviteiten - dr. ME (Meghann) Ormond


In addition to the courses listed at the bottom of this page, Meghann developed and runs the 'Transformative and Participatory Qualitative Research Methods' PhD course for WASS.


Meghann is interested in supervising students on the following

  • migration and migrant heritage-making
  • tourism-migration nexus
  • transformative and experiential learning 
  • travel as a tool for global citizenship education
  • localhood and the politics of presence
  • international medical travel

Students interested in doing a thesis on one of these themes are invited to contact her by email (meghann.ormond [@] wur.nl).

Current PhD supervision

- Tom Rowe: Solastalgia, climate change and mobilities





GEO80436 MSc Thesis Cultural Geography
GEO70224 MSc Internship Cultural Geography
GEO79224 MSc Research Practice Cultural Geography
GEO70424 MSc Internship Cultural Geography
GEO79324 MSc Research Practice Cultural Geography
GEO80424 MSc Thesis Cultural Geography
GEO30306 Concepts & Approaches to Tourism Society and Environment
GEO56806 Advanced Qualitative Research Design and Data Collection Methods
GEO59306 Responsibilities for Equality and Sustainability
HSO10306 Global Health