The objective of RICHFIELDS is to design a world class research infrastructure (RI) on Food and Health Consumer Behaviour and Lifestyle that enables the EU research community to collate, connect and share innovative and existing research data on a common data-platform.

The RI will fulfil the needs of  consumers, food industries and SMEs, public health nutritionists, policymakers and other stakeholders to develop, co-create, evaluate and implement effective food and health strategies both at the level of individuals, populations and the EU as a whole. The RI design will support ESFRI, member states and other funding bodies to decide on the further preparation and implementation of the RI.

Conceptual Framework of RICHFIELDS:


Anouk Geelen is work package leader of WP7 with as main objective ‘To assess and identify gaps and needs of in situ and real-time consumer generated data on food consumption behaviour and lifestyle at home and out-of-home; what is consumed, how much was consumed, by who, where, when, how and why’.

Organization of the work in 13 work packages:


More research: Exposure assessment for epidemiology and public health

More research: Exposure assessment and data-analysis

More research: Nutrition, Public Health and Sustainability