Correction to: Differences in genetic diversity and divergence between brooding and broadcast spawning corals across two spatial scales in the Coral Triangle region

Ven, Rosa Maria van der; Heynderickx, Hanneloor; Kochzius, Marc


In the original publication of the article six references were missing from the reference list. These references have now been added to the reference list. Prasetia R, Sinniger F, Hashizume K, Harii S. (2017). Reproductive biology of the deep brooding coral Seriatopora hystrix: implications for shallow reef recovery. PLoS One 12(5):e0177034 Permata D, Indrayanti E, Haryanti D, Fika L, Arfiyan H, Achmad A. (2012). Biannual multispecific spawning in Karimunjawa Archipelago, Indonesia. Coral Reefs 31(3):907-907 Wijayanti DP, Indrayanti E, Wirasatriya A, Haryanto A, Haryanti D, Sembiring A, Fajrianzah TA, Bhagooli R. (2019) Reproductive seasonality of coral assemblages in the Karimunjawa Archipelago, Indonesia. Front Mar Sci 6:195 Keith SA, Maynard JA, Edwards AJ, Guest JR, Bauman AG, Van Hooidonk R, Heron SF, Berumen ML, Bouwmeester J, Piromvaragorn S, Rahbek C. (2016). Coral mass spawning predicted by rapid seasonal rise in ocean temperature. Proc R Soc B 283(1830):20160011 Sherman, CDH. (2008). Mating system variation in the hermaphroditic brooding coral, Seriatopora hystrix. Heredity 100(3):296–303 Bellwood DR, Hughes TP, Folke C, Nyström M (2004) Confronting the coral reef crisis. Nature 429:827–833 The original article has been corrected.