Uniting Tricholoma sulphureum and T. bufonium

Comandini, O.; Haug, I.; Rinaldi, A.C.; Kuyper, T.W.


The taxonomic status and relationship of Tricholoma sulphureum and the similar T. bufonium were investigated using different sets of characters. These included morphological data on fruit bodies, ecological and chorological data, and analysis of the sequence data obtained for the ITS of basidiomes of different ecological and geographic origin. Moreover, the ectomycorrhizas formed by T. bufonium on Abies alba and Quercus sp. were characterised, and anatomical features compared with those of T. sulphureum mycorrhizas on coniferous and broad-leaved host trees. Our results revealed extensive ITS variation in members of the T. sulphureum group, but this variation was not correlated with morphology, ecology, or geographical distribution. We conclude that T. bufonium cannot be maintained as an autonomous taxon and should be treated as an infraspecific variant of T. sulphureum.