Thesis track: Operations Research and Logistics - MSc Biosystems Engineering

The goal of logistics is to get the right product, in the right quantity, and the right quality, at the right time, at the right place as efficient as possible while fulfilling the requirements of the stakeholders (such as regulations from the government).

This requires the design of effective innovative logistical concepts in agri-food chains and networks. Examples are the design of greenhouses developed for optimal logistics or designing a dairy production process with minimum costs for storage.

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Following are some relevant courses associated with this research group:

Decision Science 2

The course Decision Science 2 deals with understanding quantitative methods and techniques to support a decision making process.

Operations Research and Logistics

Focus on supporting logistical decision processes in an industrial environment by means of quantitative models and techniques. Long-term and short-term management/control of good-flows and required production factors are studied.

Food Logistics

Discuss issues and developments in logistics theory such as buffering, inventory management, risk pooling and combines it with developments in food quality management like quality monitoring and control, product quality prediction models and information technology.

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