A (Arie) Mol

A (Arie) Mol

Data and fisheries industry specialist

Experienced, enthusiastic and accurate

In 1984 the first trips on board a fishing vessel, and since then has always remained engaged in fishing. The first few years as a deckhand during holidays, later on following all the news from the sector and the last few years as an economic researcher and sector specialist.

Thanks to his management experience in the business world, Arie is familiar with managing (large) teams and knows how to inspire colleagues to achieve the desired result together. Integrity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness are always paramount. He likes to work as a team and values a good relationship with the people he works with. He is reliable in his contacts with colleagues and clients and clear in his communication.

Arie has been appointed as economic researcher and sector specialist at Wageningen Economic Research: thanks to his large number of contacts in the sector, his decades of experience in the fisheries sector and his knowledge of the fleet, he is familiar with the ins and outs and all the developments that are taking place in the sector or are affecting the sector. In recent years, the pulse fishery, the roll-out of wind farms, the mussel covenant, developments in small sea fishing and the development of a cutter vision have been subjects of the studies in which Arie was involved. In addition, Arie is responsible for Visserij in CIjfers (Fisheries in Numbers): the annual monitoring and presentation of the sector's results.

He sees the development of a future perspective for the Dutch fishing fleet as a challenge for the coming period. Together with the government and the business community, he wants to work on a profitable sector that fishes the healthy seas in a sustainable way.