Projekte - VJ (Verina) Ingram PhD MSc

Sustainable growth and development of the oil palm value chain from Indonesia. Agrinatura VC4D Value Chain for Development  

Promotion of agroforestry for wood & non-wood forest products in Katete district, Eastern Province, Zambia with SNV

Roles of Agroforestry in sustainable intensification of small farMs and food SEcurity for SocIetIes in West Africa (RAMSESII), with IRD

Agroforestry value chains ketens (fruit trees and non timber forest products, including honey) in het Mau Mara Serengeti Sustaianable Water Initiative, Kenya

Impact evaluation of sustainability intitiatves in international value chains

Evaluating the impacts of investments in plantations and agroforestry operations in East Africa

Sustainability of Dutch cocoa and coffee imports: Synergy between practice, policy, strategy and knowledge (BO-27.02-001-001)

Projects by VJ Ingram

Coordination sustainable commodities network in WUR: cocoa

Coordination Memorandum-of-Understanding-Wageningen-CIFOR