Unterricht - prof.dr. M (Marcel) Dicke


ENT-70224 MSc Internship Entomology
ENT-79224 MSc Research Practice Entomology
ENT-30306 Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions
ENT-30806 Fundamental and Applied Aspects of the Biology of Insects
ENT-50806 Insect-Plant Interactions
ENT-51803 Insects and Society
ENT-20806 Integrated Pest Management
BHE-30306 Behavioural Ecology
ENT-53806 Biological Control of Insects
ENT-54306 Insect Ecology
ENT-55303 Capita Selecta Entomology
ENT-55306 Capita Selecta Entomology
ENT-21306 Insects as Food and Feed
ENT-80424 MSc Thesis Entomology
YBI-70324 BSc Internship Biology