MSs ME (Marieke) Meesters MSc MA

MSs ME (Marieke) Meesters MSc MA


My work is situated in the environmental (post)humanities, and is mainly inspired by feminist new materialist and critical political ecological approaches. I am broadly interested in participation in mining, more-than-human geography, decolonizing the university, composting, and environmental and animal rights activism. I have a background in (environmental) criminology.

In my free time, I am passionate about turning my personal living environment into a local utopia that is home to a myriad of creatures, ranging from composting thermophilic bacteria to human bookworms. 

In my PhD work, I propose the term Posthumanist Participation to study participation in natural resource management. This term helps to empirically explore who becomes an actor in participation in already existing practices. It also helps to situate these processes of inclusion and exclusion in the structural exploitations that are a consequence of extractivism. I selected natural resource governance in the Dutch Wadden Sea area to focus on more-than-human exclusions. 

pronouns: she/her