Unterricht - dr. VC (Valentina) Tassone

During my classes, I engage with reflexive, experiential, and arts-based teaching methods. An example of personal and artistic initiatives taken by students within my course ‘Empowerment for Sustainability’ can be found here

Furthermore, I facilitate (transdisciplinary) processes of participation in between academia and society. An example of awarded students’ projects, within the course ‘Academic Consultancy Training’ connecting academia-society which I coordinate, can be found here


ELS-69312 Capacity Building for Sustainable Development
ELS-21806 Empowerment for Sustainability
ELS-32806 Educational Design and Teaching for Sustainability
ELS-79324 MSc Research Practice Education and Learning Sciences
ELS-80424 MSc Thesis Education and Learning Sciences
YMC-60809 Academic Consultancy Training