Application Contract Student

On this page you will find all the information for applying and enrolment as a contract student at Wageningen University & Research.


Student who takes one or more subjects from the regular education programme of Wageningen University & Research but who is not enrolled for a complete study programme. One can enrol as a Contract Student for the subjects as mentioned in the course catalogue.

Requirements for Enrolment

The requirements for enrolment as a ‘Contract Student’ are:

·  contract students may register for courses/subjects that are part of the regular education programme of Wageningen University. These courses are included in the course catalogue.

·  For participation in subjects, permission is required from the lecturers concerned.

·  written permission from the Examination Committee of Wageningen University is needed to register for TH (thesis) and AMC (academic master cluster) or ACT (Academic Consultancy Training) subjects

·  registration for the work form ‘Internship’ (IN) is not possible

·  Please note that some subjects/courses have a set maximum number of participants (see the course catalogue). For a course with a set maximum number of participants, contract students can only register if places are still available after the application deadline and with the approval of the course coordinator. Please contact the lecturer for further information.

If you would like to do a minor that includes a course with a maximum number of participants, please look for an alternative course. If you have a problem finding an alternative course, please contact the minor coordinator (see:

·  Students should have to proof their proficiency in the English language, equal to the level 1 for master admission:

English requirements

o HAVO 7;

o VWO 6;

o RATEr: Listening pass, Reading pass, Writing borderline, Speaking borderline

Only accepted when taken at ‘WU Wageningen in’to Languages’ (please also see Wageningen in'to Languages). Note, costs are involved!

o IELTS: overall grade 6.0 with a minimum sub-score of 6.0 for speaking;

o TOEFL: internet-based 80 with a minimum sub-score of 20 for speaking;

o Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE/C1): score between 169-190; 

o Cambridge First Certificate (FCE/B2): score between 180-230;

o Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE/C2): score between 180-230;

o Applicants enrolled at a Dutch University are exempted from submitting an English Proficiency test;

o Applicants who have completed a fully English taught Bachelor at a Dutch university of applied sciences (HBO) are exempted from submitting an English Proficiency test. However, they are required to upload a signed statement from their institution that the medium of instruction during the complete Bachelor’s programme they followed was English.


For registration as a Contract Student a fee is charged which is based on the number of ECTS credit points per subject. All fees must be paid before enrolment.

On the registration form you can indicate where the invoice should be sent to. After receiving the invoice, you are kindly requested to pay according the instructions on the invoice.

Without invoice you can already transfer the amount to

Wageningen University
Bank IBAN: NL28RABO0397026080

Please always  mention your full name, date of birth and mention ‘fees contract student” when making the transaction. You can also pay at the student desk in the Forum building by PIN (bank card).

Contract Student Student who takes one or more subjects from the regular education programme and is allowed to take the interim examination in the subject(s). €128,00 per ECTS credit point for WU alumni (Ir, MSc, or PhD) and “picnic PhD candidates”* or €312,00 per ECTS credit point for others

* Picnic PhD candidate: PhD candidate from another university who, within his or her PhD-track, conducts research at Wageningen University and wants to enrol for education at Wageningen University.

Deadlines for enrolment as a contract student

Minor Deadline For Enrolment
Given in Period 1, 2 & 3 August 3, 2020
Given in Period 4, 5 & 6 January 4, 2021
Subjects Deadline for Enrolment
Period 1 August 3, 2020
Period 2 September 14, 2020
Period 3 November 16, 2020
Period 4 January 4, 2021
Period 5 February 1, 2021
Period 6 April 12, 2021

Please note:

- all requested documents must be submitted before the deadline. If you happen to submit a document that does not meet the conditions, you must have submitted a correct copy before the deadline.

Submit a request for enrolment

Students who want to enrol as contract student should submit the following documents before the deadline for enrolment via

• Contract Student registration form 2020/2021, completed and signed

• Written permission (e-mail) from the lecturers concerning the chosen courses

• Copy of your passport (showing your personal details)

• Proof of Proficiency in the English language

• Picnic PhD candidates only: proof that you have been admitted to a PhD programme at another University and work at Wageningen UR

After sending in your complete application, we will send an invoice to the e-mail address you mentioned on the registration form.

Please pay the fees according invoice, before the enrolment deadline.  If you submit your application very close to the deadline, there will be very limited time left to transfer the fees.

After receiving the complete application and the fees, you will enrolled.

When enrolled as a contract student at Wageningen University, & Research, you will be sent an email concerning your WUR account username and password. You will then have access to

Here you can download your proof of enrolment and register for courses via the course catalogue. You are not automatically registered for the courses.