Genetwister Technologies

Genetwister is an innovative company, specialized in molecular breeding and bioinformatics of agri-, horticultural crops and ornamentals. We develop technologies and tools for molecular breeding to create a competitive advantage for our clients. We are an expert in the identification and isolation of molecular markers for marker-assisted breeding and genetic selection / genotyping using high-throughput sequencing, expression profiling and functional genomics.

The core of Genetwister is a group of qualified researchers and technicians with excellent skills in quantitative genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics. Our team is active in expand the knowledge level in the company and among our shareholders.

Our laboratories are equipped with state of the art computerized equipment for marker discovery and detection. Our bioinformatics department is supported by high performance in-house data center with massive computing power.

Genetwister cooperates with research institutes, universities and companies worldwide. Our shareholders are breeders or companies active in the international agri-, horticultural and ornamental production and processing chain.

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