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I am looking for an extra challenge outside of the usual scientific niche in which I find myself. In particular, the interdisciplinarity and the possibility of reflection on personal, scientific and social issues appeal to me.

Nature-Inspired Medicine

Prof. dr. Rob Verpoorte (Leiden University)

23 January 2020

An Introduction into Ethnobotany

Prof. dr. Tinde van Andel (Wageningen University & Research, Leiden University, Naturalis Biodiversity Center)

14 January 2020

Feminism: The Rise of Anti-Feminism

Dr. Conny Roggeband (University of Amsterdam)

31 October 2019

Feminism: One Feminism?

Dr. Katrine Smiet (Radboud University Nijmegen)

29 October 2019

Effective Sleep - Mental Rest and Recovery

Dr. Yannick Balk (University of Amsterdam)

15 October 2019

Effective Sleep - Sleep Hacking

Dr. M. Dresler (Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging)

8 October 2019

Effective Sleep - Understanding Sleep

Dr. L. Genzel (M.D.) (Radboud University)

1 October 2019

Under Pressure - Stress to be the best (Studium Generale Open Mind Lab)

Prof. dr. Michael Ungar (Dalhousie University, Canada)

6 June 2019

Sand, Sea and Safety

Ad Stolk (Rijkswaterstaat)

28 May 2019

The Relativity of Scarcity

Dr. Michiel van der Meulen (Geological Survey of the Netherlands, TNO)

27 May 2019

Sand Scarcity - In Search of Solutions

Prof. dr. Pascal Peduzzi (UNEP/GRID Genève (United Nations Environment Programme) and University of Genève)

23 May 2019

Running Out Of Sand

Vince Beiser (Freelance journalist and author)

22 May 2019

Music and the Brain

Dr. Artur Jaschke (VU University Amsterdam)

3 April 2019

Searching for the Origins of Musicality

Prof. dr. Carel ten Cate (Leiden University)

27 March 2019

Science and Politics; A Sharp Line

Prof dr. R. Rabbinge (WUR)

12 March 2019

Trade-Offs in Sustainability Transitions

Prof. dr. Katrina Brown (University of Exeter)

12 February 2019

The Future of Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians: Seeking Peace Through the Lenses of Law and Human Rights'

Dr. Jeff Handmaker (Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University)

5 February 2019

The Force of Common Sense: Responsibility without expert witnesses

Prof. dr. Jan Bransen (Radboud University Nijmegen)

4 December 2018

The Force of Common Sense: Waking up without Science

Prof. dr. Jan Bransen (Radboud University Nijmegen)

20 November 2018

Money, Trust and Control: The Future of Money

Simon Lelieveldt
(payment system expert)

13 November 2018

Money, Trust and Control: Money on the Move

Prof. dr. Wim Boonstra
(VU University Amsterdam)

6 November 2018

Money, Trust and Control: A History of Money

Prof. dr. Joost Jonker (University of Amsterdam)

30 October 2018

What is the Maximum Age of a Human Being?

Prof. dr. Bas Zwaan (WUR)

2 October 2018

Rethinking Stagnating Cities

Prof. dr. Sabine Meier (University Siegen) & Maurice Hermans (NEIMED)

19 June 2018

Shrinkage in the Countryside

Prof. dr. ir. Bettina Bock, Wageningen University & Research

12 June 2018

The Ins and Outs of Regional Shrinkage

Dr. Marco Bontje, University of Amsterdam

5 June 2018

Social Diversity in Human-Nature Relations

Dr. Annet Pauwelussen, Leiden University

9 April 2018

Hunger Finally Defeated Forever?: Why are some world regions more food insecure than others?

Prof dr. E. Frankema & dr. M. de Haas
Wageningen University

27 March 2018

100 Years of University-Industry Relationships

Dr. ir. Harro Maat, Wageningen University & Research

20 March 2018

100 Years of Research on Climate Adaptation

Dr. ir. Harro Maat, Wageningen University & Research

13 March 2018


Prof. dr. Ad Vingerhoets Tilburg University

23 January 2018

Acculturative Stress (only accessible to WUR students and employees)

Dr. Michael Bender Tilburg University

16 January 2018

Corporations as Political Institutions?

Dr. Rutger Claassen Utrecht University

7 November 2017

Rethinking Economic Relations

Prof. Dr. René Kemp
Maastricht University

7 November 2017

What History Tells Us About Markets

Prof. Dr. Bas Bavel
Utrecht University

31 October 2017

Conceiving Creativity

Dr. Matthijs Baas
University of Amsterdam

3 October 2017

Education for sustainability: How to Build Responsibility into Academic Practice

Prof dr. Ph. Macnaghten
Wageningen University & Research

29 June 2017

Education for sustainability: Is Technology our Planet’s last resort?

Dr. Pieter Lemmens
Wageningen University & Research

27 June 2017

The Quantified Self, Privacy and Autonomy

Marjolein Lanzing
Eindhoven University of Technology

7 June 2017

Education for sustainability: Are we educated to destroy the World?

Prof dr. A. Wals
Wageningen University & Research

6 June 2017

Designing the Quantified Self

Prof. dr. Aarnout Brombacher Eindhoven University of Technology

30 May 2017

The Quantified Self as the Road Towards Self-Improvement?

Prof. dr. Wijnand IJsselsteijn Eindhoven University of Technology

22 May 2017

State and Religion: Secularism, Identity & Neutrality

Dr. Pooyan Tamimi Arab 
University of Amsterdam

25 April 2017

What Fish Feel

Dr. Ruud van den Bos

Radboud University

6 April 2017

The Inner Lives of Fish

Dr. Jonathan Balcombe

29 March 2017

Time in Biology

Prof. dr. Menno Gerkema
University of Groningen

21 March 2017

The Philosophy of Time

Dr. Victor Gijsbers
Leiden University

14 March 2017

Time in Language

Prof. dr. Henriëtte de Swart
Utrecht University

7 March 2017

UN-Doing It: The UN & Economic Power

Prof. dr. Rolph van der
Institute of Social Studies (ISS)

2 March 2017

Cheating: Lying in Everyday Life

Dr. Wolfgang Steinel
Leiden University

7 February 2017

Cheating: cheating as a Product of Evolution

Dr. Martijn Egas
University of Amsterdam

31 January 2017

Democracy under pressure: a populist Zeitgeist?

Dr. Matthijs Rooduijn
Utrecht University

17 January 2017

Democracy under pressure: The Pressure of Democracy

Prof. dr. Evert van der Zweerde
Radboud University

10 January 2017

Unconditional Basic Income: A Case of Social Experimentation

Ronald Mulder, Sjir Hoeijmakers, and Julia Backhaus

6 December 2016

Unconditional Basic Income: Unfair Equality?

Prof. dr. Alfred Kleinknecht Emeritus Professor of Economics

29 November 2016

Unconditional Basic Income: Adapting Society to the Changing World of Work?

Dr. Marcel Canoy
Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance (ESAA)

22 November 2016

Animals as Legal Persons: The Struggle of the Nonhuman Rights Project to Attain Legal Personhood for Nonhuman Animals

Steven Wise, founder and president of the Nonhuman Rights Project

13 November 2016

Frankenstein, The Beauty of Terror of Science

Dr. Henk van den Belt
Wageningen University & Research

8 November 2016

Animals as Legal Persons: The Ethics

Dr. Bernice Bovenkerk Wageningen University & Research

4 October 2016

Revolutionary Trends in Biotechnology and the Social Debate: Responsible Innovation

Prof. dr. Phil Macnaghten
University of Campinas (Brazil) and Durham University (UK)

27 September 2016

Revolutionary Trends in Biotechnology and the Social Debate: Genome editing

Dr. Bert Lotz and Dr. Rene Smulders
Wageningen University & Research

20 September 2016

Revolutionary Trends in Biotechnology and the Social Debate: Trends

Dr. Volkert Beekman
Wageningen University and Research

13 September 2016