World Food Prize – Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute

Wageningen Youth Institute

The Wageningen Youth Institute is part of Wageningen University & Research and the World Food Prize Foundation in the United States. The Youth Institute challenges high school students to look for solutions to one of the biggest challenges we face in the world: “How do we feed the world in 2050 in a fair, sustainable and healthy way when the world population rises to 10 billion?”

Wageningen Youth Institute 2021

During the Wageningen Youth Institute 2021 in March or April, students from havo and vwo will talk to experts (scientists, entrepreneurs and policy makers) about themes within the global food issue. Give your opinion and advice on how we feed the world in 2050. You give this advice in response to the research that you have done. You can also participate in lectures and excursions on Wageningen Campus.

How to participate?

Your research can contribute to the greatest challenges of this century. Below you can read in which three different ways you can conduct research to the world food issue and participate in the Wageningen Youth Institute 2021.

Wageningen Youth Institute activities

Three ways of conducting research

Global Challenge

Are you in the lower years of havo or vwo? Then participate individually or with your class in the Global Challenge. The challenge was developed by the World Food Prize Foundation. You study a country its population and you choose a theme within the world food issue. You then analyse the impact within that theme on the country.

Extended essay competition

Do you want to contribute to a better world with your extended essay? Then sign up for the Wageningen Youth Institute 2021, advice world leaders and win a trip to the Global Youth Institute in the United States! Read on quickly how to get inspired and help for your extended essay.

Junior Consultancy Training

In this assignment you will work in a group as a consultancy. You receive an assignment from an expert from Wageningen University & Research about food waste (Case Food waste) and about meat substitutes (Case Ideal Burger). You conduct research and you advise the expert.