By 2050, ten billion people are expected to live on our planet. Two billion more than currently, within three decades. This is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Your students have the knowledge and skills to come up with solutions to this enormous challenge. To provide support in the classroom, we offer various teaching materials. Do you challenge them to come up with these solutions?

Global Challenge

The Global Challenge was developed by the World Food Prize Foundation. It is an assignment whereby students delve into a country and the people who live there. Then, under the guidance of their own teacher, they choose a theme within the world food issue that they will be researching. The end product is a workpiece of three to five pages. We can provide a starting workshop from Wageningen University & Research, for example with the use of a Global Guest or playing the world food game.

Students who have completed the Global Challenge can participate in the Wageningen Youth Institute 2022 on Thursday, March 17. They then enter discussions with each other and experts and participate in the further program of the day including excursions and lectures. Students can sign up for this themselves.

The Global Challenge is very suitable for Global Citizen schools and in geography lessons, but certainly also for other subjects. Contact us via the contact form on this website to find out the possibilities for you.

Junior Consultancy Training

In this assignment you will work in a group as a consultancy. You receive an assignment from an expert from Wageningen University & Research about food waste (Case Food waste) and about meat substitutes (Case Ideal Burger). You conduct research and you advise the expert.

Junior Consultancy Training Food waste

Junior Consultancy Training The Ideal Burger (meat substitutes)

Other Teaching materials

Global Guest

Global Guest is a program whereby students from Wageningen University & Research from all over the world give guest lessons to students. In this way students get better insight into international developments and daily life in other cultures and countries. A Global Guest gives the opportunity to treat global themes with an expert from the relevant area, country or continent. A Global Guest can also be used for teaching a language.

World Food Game

In the World Food Game: Fruit for everyone! Students discover how food is distributed among the world's population. By talking to each other, students learn about the distribution issue, the availability of food, food waste and related topics of choice.

World Food Game