Student testimonial

Student Kirt Hainzer - MSc Organic Agriculture

When Kirt was looking for possibilities to study a MSc in Organic Agriculture, he first met with Wageningen University. “I simply used Google and searched for ‘master in organic agriculture’. Within the EU, there are only a few universities that offer such a program. I had a look at each of the possible programs and I decided to go to Wageningen University, because the program looked the best and I wanted to live in the Netherlands.”

I wanted to learn the science of agriculture and the science of different agricultural practices.

Study program

Kirt really likes his study program. “I especially liked the courses ‘Analysis and Design of Organic Farming Systems’ and ‘Quantitative Analysis of Cropping and Grassland Systems’. The first course is a very practical course which integrated much of previous knowledge through action research. Quantitative Analysis of Cropping and Grassland Systems is a course that provided a good level of understanding of the major issues facing agriculture today in both developed and developing countries which was presented by experts in their fields.”  Furthermore, Kirt chose to specialise in Agro Ecology. “I chose this specialisation due to my desire to learn the natural science of organic agriculture rather than the social science.

Future career

After finishing his studies, Kirt wants to work on agricultural development projects. “Prior to my studies I was working with a large NGO on agriculture development projects in South East Asia. This work was very fulfilling and I will likely return to a similar position.

Student life

Kirt also enjoys living in Wageningen. “It is very international and for its size it has an amazing variety of events happening throughout the year. There is also a number of very committed students who organise guest lectures, parties and cultural events.” Next to his studies, Kirt still has time for his hobbies. “I like to paint and I play in a band. There is a lot of live music happening in town or within 1 hour by train, which is very nice. Also, the sports centre is great, especially in winter.”