Heey Peeps.
I’m Bram Berkelmans, born and raised from Doesburg, the Netherlands. I will be studying at the Technical University of Denmark for the upcoming semester. It is located in Lynbgy, which is some 10 km above Copenhagen. Since I study International Land and Water Management, most of my courses involve agriculture, irrigation and erosion related subjects. Therefore, I liked to get involved into some more technical courses, as my future job perspective will probably relate to projects in drinking water supply and sanitation.

That’s why I didn’t take the typical ‘Erasmus’ course package, but choose to do 5 courses in 13 weeks. Which account in total for 30 ECTS during my whole semester from February until the end of May. The courses include: water supply, surface water hydrology, membrane technology, environmental microbiology II and recirculating aquaculture systems (read: fish production). All of them relate to water management in some way and, hopefully they give me direct admission to any technical master – although I also will need a GPA higher than 7.0 for Delft ;).

That these courses relate to Delft and Eindhoven’s level is noticeable everywhere; almost all students know those 2 universities here and they would very much like to go there on exchange! Moreover, the girl/guy comparison rate even equalizes, haha! Concluding that it is not at all going to be like a ‘party Erasmus’ as most exchanges are called! Just as at the WUR, we will have a lot of group work and assignments here; some courses even asked if we preferred a (big) paper above a written exam. Well, for most people the choice is obviously made easily! Pretty interesting though; to give students of the course the choice for kind of examination.

It is going to be a challenge for me but after all the hard work I will be finished in June. This will give me enough time to see a whole lot more of Denmark! This 4 million fishing culture country has a similar language; you could compare it to our ‘Frisian’ and ‘Gronings’ dialects of the north of the Netherlands. Next to this similar culture in terms of happiness (Denmark number 1, Netherlands number 4 of the world), there will be awesome events in the planning, such as Valborg (end of spring party in Sweden), the ESN Sea battle cruise (4 days of partying on a boat with 2500 students). Thus, I can definitely not complain about getting enough pleasure next to die-hard studying!