Data Management Support Services

Wageningen University & Research has set up several tailored services to assist its researchers in managing their research data.

What is Research Data Management?

Research Data Management is a general term covering the organization, structure, storage, and legal care for data used or generated during a research project. It is important that data are well-organized and cared for as they often have a longer lifespan than the research project that creates them. Researchers may continue to work on data after funding has ceased, follow-up projects may analyse or add to the data, and data may be reused by other researchers.

Support services to assist you in planning, doing, and finishing your research

Below we explain what services we offer throughout the research cycle. If you have a data management question that is not covered here, please contact us at

1. Planning your research - preparing for data collection

In the planning phase of a research project, data management includes composing a Data Management Plan (DMP), in which a researcher or research group describes which types of data will be collected, where and how the data will be stored, if and where the data will be published, etc. All starting PhD students at Wageningen University & Research must make a Data Management Plan. University chair groups also need to have one. Many funders now require Data Management Plans as part of research project applications. The format for a Data Management Plan can be accessed here.

Get feedback on your Data Management Plan
Are you in the process of developing a Data Management Plan? Are you unsure about certain aspects of the plan and want advice? You can have your Data Management Plan reviewed by Data Management Support. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Follow our Data Management Planning Course
Wageningen Graduate Schools provides the one-day training course 'Research Data Management' in cooperation with Wageningen University & Research - Library.

2. Doing your research - managing current data

During your project good Data Management practices include a structured file systemdata documentation, documentation of software used, etc. On the pages of this Data Management Support Hub you can find some good practices for managing current data.

Use Git@WUR to manage your source code
Wageningen University & Research has created an environment for researchers to store and collaborate on their source code and statistical models. Visit Git@WUR to get started or visit our support page for more information.

3. Finishing your research - keeping and publishing final data

Once you have finished your research, your data must be secured and kept available for a period of 10 years, according to the Netherlands VSNU Code of Scientific Practice. Wageningen University & Research acknowledges this VSNU code, which means researchers and PhD students are required to keep their data available for this period. 

Get help with publishing your datasets and linking them to your publications
You can choose or be required to publish your data. Data Management Support offers several publishing services (see 'Publishing your dataset in a repository'), making use of the infrastructure of DANS and 4TU.Centre for Research Data. We then make the datasets visible in Staff Publications and link them to the appropriate publications.

Get help in linking your source code to your publications
If you publish your source code through Git@WUR and want it linked to the appropriate publications, contact Data Management Support.