How to register and link research data?

Data are valuable research output. A lot of work usually goes into creating data, and once complete, it can be of value to other researchers. WUR is proud of its data output and finds it important to make it visible. For this reason, the data policy stipulates that all archived data underlying publications must be registered in Pure.

What is Pure?

Pure is the research information system behind Research@WUR. Pure contains information on all WUR employees and references to their research output, such as articles, reports, presentations, and data. What is registered in Pure becomes visible to everyone in Research@WUR.

Registering and linking data

The WUR data policy stipulates that all data underlying (a) publication(s) need to be registered in Pure. To have data registered in Pure, please send an email to with the persistent identifier (e.g. DOI, accession number) or link to the data. To link data to the accompanying publication(s) (e.g. journal publications, report publications, other data publications, etc.), we also need you to specify the publications involved and their links/DOIs. It is not required to register data that do not underlie publications, but it is recommended, because registering all preserved data improves the findability and visibility of your research. If you wish to register unpublished data (for example archived on the W-drive or Yoda) send the pathway to the data and links/DOIs of accompanying publication(s) to the Data Desk. Data librarians will then ensure that references to your research output is properly linked and visible in Research@WUR.

Registering and linking source code

If you publish source code through Git@WUR and want to have it linked to your appropriate publications, contact If you wish to obtain a DOI for the source code, publish a version of the source code in a data repository. 4TU.ResearchData and Zenodo are suitable repositories for source code originating from Git@WUR or GitHub.