dr. MCTH (Martin) Scholten

dr. MCTH (Martin) Scholten

WUR liaison for Europe & Dutch Regions

Dr. Martin. C. Th. Scholten is principle advisor for Wageningen University & Research, as liaison for European affairs and networks ; and for the Dutch Regions; He was the General Director Animal Sciences of Wageningen University & Research in the period 2008-2020.

He is also consulting advisor for Aarhus University, Faculty of Technical Sciences, for (inter)national in the field of the transition towards a green and sustainable agrifoodsystem.

He is also strategic advisor at Imagro, a communication consultancy in the domain of agrifood and living environment.

He was the first president of the European public-private livestock innovation platform Animal Task Force; co-chair of the Livestock Research Group of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases; and NL delegate and vice-president of ICES (International Council for Exploration of the Sea).

He is a valued advisor to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality contributing to the vision of Minister Schouten Agriculture, nature and food: valuable and connected The Netherlands as a leader in circular agriculture and the vision on dealing with the critical nitrogen deposition in the Netherlands .

As an ecologist by background and now active in the field of agro-sciences, he introduced the principles of Feeding the World within the Carrying Capacity of Planet Earth, Livestock Farming with Care, "Fishing with Care"; A circular food production in a biobased society, Disruptive Technologies in responsible innovation in Agribusiness, "Greening the Blue Growth" and "Zoonotic Emergency Preparedness & Intervention".