GH (Richard) Immink GH (Richard) Immink

Special Professor, Senior Researcher

Flowers for food and breeding

Flower formation is key for seed and fruit production and for the ornamental industry. But how does a plant know when it is time to bloom?

Plants sense their environment and measure factors such as day length and temperature to determine the right time for reproduction. The environmental dependence of flowering is not always desirable for plant growers and breeders, because it hampers the delivery of the products to retailers and consumers year round and it slows down the breeding process.

We aim to understand how flowering and growth of plant organs is controlled at the molecular level. Having insight in these mechanisms enables breeders and plant growers to control these biological processes in food, feed, and ornament crops, and to optimize yield in a sustainable manner. Additionally it providesbreeders with the tools and ways to generate climate proof plant varieties, which is an important characteristic, taking into account the current climate change and global warming.