Aquaculture and Fisheries Group

It is our mission to be leading in academic research and education on sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries, with a focus on society relevant questions and on the interactions between aquatic organisms and their environment. We address, in particular, nutrition and health in aquaculture systems and adaptation of fishes and fisheries to changes in the environment.


We participate in education at BSc, MSc and PhD level, often closely aligned with our research. A large part of our education efforts on aquaculture and fisheries is embedded in the programme of the ‘Master of Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management’ (MAM), which aims to train academic professionals in the field of sustainable use, conservation and restoration of marine and aquatic ecosystems and resources. At PhD level our education efforts are embedded in the Graduate School ‘Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences’ (WIAS) and include several short training courses, such as workshops on Fish Immunology & Vaccination, Nutrition, and Recirculating Systems.

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