Human and Animal Physiology

HAP aims to improve metabolic health of humans and animals by molecular physiological research and academic training in nutritional targeting of metabolic capacity and flexibility.


Our research aims for nutritional improvement of diet-related (e.g. obesity, diabetes, negative energy balance) and age-related (e.g. fatigue, Alzheimer’s disease) metabolic health problems. These health problems are characterized by inadequate metabolic capacity and flexibility, with a central role for mitochondrial functioning. Impaired metabolic health poses an increasing burden on society. Foods may help to relieve this burden. To do this it is necessary to know the mechanisms underlying metabolic capacity and flexibility and how metabolic capacity and flexibility is best targeted by nutrition. We address this through quality research and training in order to contribute essentially to sustainable long term strategies to improve human and animal health.

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HAP participated in a collaborative study which was published in the 2017 August issue of Cell metabolism.

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