FNP Courses

Courses given at Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group all focus on the social aspects of forest and nature. Central themes of our programme are forest governance, sustainable forestry, forest and nature policy implementation, conservation and interactions between society and nature.

FNP organizes a variety of courses for students and can be attended by students, graduates and post graduates. The FNP courses also include a capita selecta, internships and theses.  They can be followed separately or as part of an education programme. We welcome all current and future students to follow our courses.

FNP Courses
FNP 11806 Forest, nature and society
FNP 21306 Management of forest and nature organisations
FNP 23303 Planning in forest and nature conservation
FNP 23806 People and forest and nature conservation
FNP 24306 Governance of forest, nature and biodiversity
FNP 30306 Strategic planning in forest and nature conservation
FNP 31306 Communities, conservation and development
FNP 31806 Forest and nature policy: theoretical perspectives
FNP 32306 Economic aspects of forest and nature conservation
FNP 32806 Science and expertise in nature and environment
FNP 50402 Capita Selecta forest and nature conservation policy
FNP 70424 MSc internship forest and nature conservation policy
FNP 80436 MSc thesis forest and nature conservation policy
Other courses in which FNP is involved
ENP 35306 Political Theory
ENP 39306 Advanced International Environmental Politics
NCP 10806 Forest and Nature Conservation I: Introductionary Field Course
GEO 10306 Human Geography
PAP 20806 Public Administration and Environmental Law
REG 31306 Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation
REG 32806 Wildlife Resource Management
YEI 10306 Introduction Environmental Sciences
YMC 60809 Academic Consultancy Training
FEM 20909 Forest and Nature Conservation II: Management Planning and Tools