MSc Thesis Topics Soil Geography & Landscape

Welcome to our thesis topics pages! Please start your search for a thesis topic at Also, you can contact SGL coordinator Tony Reimann for advice with your choice. To help you with your choice, we also list a few recent theses so you can see the diversity of the work we support.

> Thesis examples

Peter Aartsma (2016, soil formation, pro-glacial areas, climate change, Italian Alps)

Duco de Vries (2016, Soil Redistribution, OSL dating techniques, Ootmarsum Push-moraine)

Marijn van der Meij (2015, soil formation, arctic processes, Spitsbergen)

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Wageningen, just select SGL Soil Geography and Landscape.

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Fieldwork in France 2015 (Anna Broers, Tijn van Orsouw)

Fieldwork in Kenya 2014 (Renee van Dongen)

Fieldwork Archeology and Soil Science (Maud van Soest)