External collaborations

The closeness of the organisations in the visualisation indicates their relatedness; they are closer to each other if they have co-authored more publications. The size of the circles indicates the number of publications of the organisations in the publication set in the period 2015-2020. The lines in between the organisations also indicate the strength of the relationships, with thicker lines indicating more co-authored publications. Based on their relatedness, organisations are also clustered into groups with distinct colours

Network visualization of collaborations of the Soil Science cluster with other organizations outside WUE based on library analysis (VOSviewer).

Examples of external collaborators with links to projects:


San Paolo University, Brasil (CANOPIES project, SOHMA group)

Amsterdam VU, The Netherlands (SoilGuard project)

Aarhus University, Denmark

University of Helsinki, Finland

Research institutes:

Research Institute For Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Switzerland (iSQAPER and MINAGRIS projects)

Teagasc, Ireland (Landmark project)

NIOO-KNAW, The Netherlands (Clever Cover Cropping project)

International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Colombia (ClimaLoca project)

ISRIC, The Netherlands

Governmental bodies:

RIVM, The Netherlands

European Union (SPRINT, MINAGRIS, iSQAPER, Landmark, ClimaLoca, HARVEST, RECARE, PyroLife projects)


Eurofins; Syngenta (Soil health and remote sensing project); DANONE (HARVEST project); Afvalzorg and Attero (CURE project)

Organizations, partnerships and initiatives:

Centre for Soil Ecology

Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative