Soil-water interaction

This research line focuses on interaction, transport and socio-environmental effects of water and associated sediments and solutes moving within soils and across landscapes at a variety of temporal scales.

Soil-water interactions icon by Wietse Wiersma
Soil-water interactions icon by Wietse Wiersma
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> Peatland Exchange recordings now available from World Soil Museum:

Did you miss one of the four ISRIC interdisciplinary programs about archeology, cultural history, and modern perceptions of peatlands? The series was initiated by the museum’s artist-in-residence Kate Foster in partnership with Soil Science cluster projects Home Turf Project and WetFutures. During the first session Roy van Beek, Cindy Quik and Aukjen Nauta from SGL explored questions about past environments of peatlands. All recording are available here:…


> On the 1st December 2021 a Q&A session about soil salinisation with Stephan Mantel (ISRIC) and the Soil Science cluster expert Jos van Dam (SLM) was organised in collaboration with ISRIC in occasion of the World Soil Day (5th December). The session was streamed live on Instagram and you can find the recording here, enjoy it!