Recent publications of ELS based on Dr. Omid Noroozi’ cooperation with national/international scholars

Published on
February 25, 2021

Omid Noroozi as representative of ELS/WUR has cooperated with national and international scholars from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Open University, Utrecht University, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Netherlands; University of Oulu, Finland; Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Kharazmi University, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran in the form of supervising PhD thesis and various educational research projects. So far, this cooperation has been successful especially with regard to education innovation projects and publishing joint articles.

Below, you can see the latest research publications based on this successful cooperation:

Banihashem, S. K., Farrokhnia, M., Badali, M., & Noroozi, O. (in press). The impacts of constructivist learning design and learning analytics on students' engagement and self-regulation. Innovations in Education and Teaching International.

Latifi, S., Noroozi, O., & Talaee, E. (2021). Peer feedback or peer feedforward? Enhancing students’ argumentative peer learning processes and outcomes. British Journal of Educational Technology, 52(2), 768-784.

Zwart, D., Goei., S.L., Noroozi, O., & Van Luit, J.E.H. (2021). The effects of computer-based virtual learning environments on nursing students’ mathematical learning in medication processes. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 16(4), 1-21.

Van der Spoel, I., Noroozi, O., Schuurink, E & Van Ginkel, S. (2020): Teachers’ online teaching expectations and experiences during the Covid19-pandemic in the Netherlands, European Journal of Teacher Education, 43 (4), 623-638.

Latifi, S., Noroozi, O., & Talaee, E. (2020). Worked example or scripting? Fostering students’ online argumentative peer feedback, essay writing and learning. Interactive Learning Environments, 1-15.

Noroozi, O., Dehghanzadeh, H., & Talaee, E. (2020). A systematic review on the impacts of game-based learning on argumentation skills. Entertainment Computing, 100369.

Zwart, D. P., Noroozi, O., Van Luit, J. E., Goei, S. L., & Nieuwenhuis, A. (2020). Effects of digital learning materials on nursing students’ mathematics learning, self-efficacy, and task value in vocational education. Nurse Education in Practice, 102755.

Valero Haro, A, Noroozi, O., Biemans, H.J.A., & Mulder, M. (2020). Students’ argumentation knowledge, behavior and attitude and their relationships with domain-specific knowledge acquisition. Journal of Constructivist Psychology. 10.1080/10720537.2020.1734995.

Latifi, S., Noroozi, O., Hatami, J., & Biemans, H.J.A. (2020). How does online peer feedback improve argumentative essay writing and learning?. Innovations in Education and Teaching International.

Noroozi, O., Pijeira-Díaz, H. J., Sobocinski, M., Dindar, M., Järvelä, S., & Kirschner, P. A. (2020). Multimodal data indicators for capturing cognitive, motivational, and emotional learning processes: A systematic literature review. Education and Information Technologies, 25 (6), 5499-5547.

Khalifeh, G., Noroozi, O., Farrokhnia, M., & Talaee, E. (2020). Higher education students’ perceived readiness for computer-supported collaborative learning. Multimodal Technologies Interact, 4 (2), 1-14.


You are very welcome to contact Dr. Omid Noroozi ( for such similar cooperation with regard to joint supervision of the PhD candidates and educational research projects.