Emeritus Professor

Prof. dr LE (Leontine) Visser

2002-2012 Full Professor and Chair of Rural Development Sociology group, Department of Social Sciences, Wageningen University & Research.



PhD theses supervision (31)


24.10.2018      N. Rossell. Curing children, caring for families. 2nd promotor, Universiteit van Amsterdam.

05.02.2018      F. Servin. Going for the dough: Engaging governmental funds in the Ciénega de Zacapu, México.

06.10.2017     B. Verschuuren. Creating Common Ground: The role of indigenous peoples’ sacred natural sites in conservation practice, management and policy.

05.04.2017      A.P. Pauwelussen. Amphibious Anthropology; Engaging with Maritime Worlds in Indonesia.

03.12.2015      A.B. Mahfuzul Haque. Community Based Fish Culture in the Public and Private Floodplains of Bangladesh.

03.06.2014      Rini Kusumawati. Networks and knowledge at the interface. Governing the coast of East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

30.09.2014      Nasim Musalem Castillejos. Color green for dollars: Constraints and limitations for establishing Chamaedorea palm firms in Veracruz, Mexico.

Dec. 2013       Dirk J. Steenbergen. Negotiating the future of local ‘backwaters’: Participatory marine conservation on small islands in Eastern Indonesia. Murdoch University, Perth, Australia.

12.12.2013      Charity Osei-Amponsah. Improving the quality of crude palm oil: Transdisciplinary research on artisanal processing in Kwaebibirem District, Ghana.

17.10.2013      Vladimir Diaz Copado. Shaping multiple Ajijics and development. A Mexican town in the context of the international retirement migration.

03.09.2013      Huan Yang. Farmer cooperatives as intermediaries for agricultural and rural development in China.

23.05.2013      Lilian Ayete-Nyampong. Entangled realities and the underlife of a total institution. An ethnography of correctional centres for juvenile and young offender in Accra.

21.01.2013      Arjumand Nizami. Forest fights in Haripur, Northwest Pakistan.

20.11.2012      Annemarie B. Westendorp. The contribution of Farmer Field Schools to rural development  in Nepal.

02.10.2012      Bambang Indratno Gunawan. Shrimp fisheries and aquaculture. Making a living in the coastal frontier of Berau, Indonesia.

02.05.2012      Maximono Matus. Affective foodscapes in an economy of passion. Repetition, opposition and adaptation in Mexican restaurants in Amsterdam, Madrid and San Francisco.

27.04.2012      Tran Thi Phung Ha. Resilience and livelihood dynamics of shrimp farmers and fishers in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

15.12.2011      Tania Carolina Camacho Villa. Making milpa, making life in La Mera Selva. A testimony of how Tzeltal peasants perform maze cultivation practices in the Lacandon Jungle, Mexico.

14.12.2011      Jilles van Gastel. The purification of aid. An ethnography of Dutch partnership policy and (broken) dreams of development.

07.12.2011      Pablo Laguna. Mallas y flujos. Accion colectiva, cambio social, quinua y desarrollo regional indigena en los Andes Bolivianos.

06.12.2011      Hom Nath Gartaula. The other side of migration in rural Nepal.

10.01.2011      Veronica Rodriguez Cabrera. Behind the scene. The enactments of human sexuality in Tehuantepec, Mexico.

14.10.2010      Mariame Maiga. Gender, AIDS and food security. Culture and vulnerability in rural Côte d’Ivoire.

12.10.2010      Josiah Zephania Katani. The role of multiple institutions in the management of micro spring forests in Ukerewe, Tanzania.

27.10.2009      Gustavo E. Blanco Wells. The social life of regions: Salmon farming and the regionalization of development in Chilean Patagonia.

09.09.2009      Marloes Kraan. Creating space for fishermen’s livelihoods. Anlo-Ewe beach seine fishermen’s negotiations for livelihood space within multiple governance structures in Ghana. Universiteit van Amsterdam.

04.06.2007      Budsara Limnirankul. Collective action and technology development. Up-scaling of innovation in rice farming communities in Northern Thailand.

27.10.2006      Dorothea Wartena. Styles of making a living and ecological change on the Fon and Adja plateaux in South Benin, ca. 1600-1990.

18.05.2005      Farsijana R. Adeney-Risakotta. Politics, ritual and identity in Indonesia. A Moluccan history of religion and social conflict. Radbout Universiteit Nijmegen.

12.06.2003      Joost Oorthuizen. Water, works and wages. The everyday politics of irrigation management reform in the Philippines.

03.12.2002      Ramalis Subandi Prihandana. Redefining the pasar: Trading enterprise, livelihoods, networks and urban governance in urban markets of western Java. Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Externally funded projects


1975 Evaluation paramedical training, Tanzania. DGIS.

1984 Chair, Project Advisory Committee Maluku Development Project. DGIS

1985 Evaluation Madura Nutrition Project (KIT), DGIS.

1986a Evaluation South Sulawesi (Luwu) Irrigation and Resettlement Project, DGIS

1986b Evaluation Aceh LTA-77 Project on coffee, irrigation and small-scale industries and woman's participation, IOV/Foreign Affairs

1987a Field inspection research on women's position in small-scale industries, Jakarta/West Java. IOV/D­GIS.

1987b Project Advisory Committee on Computer models development for rural planning. IAC/Wageningen.

1987c Evaluation of South Sumatra (Rawa Sragi) Irrigation and Resettlement Project, Indonesia.

1987d Tendering Cidurian Upgrading and Water Management Project, West Java, IAC/Wageningen.

1987e Advice on ITC-project on "Information Systems", DGIS.

1988 - 1991 Membership Advisory Committee Kali Konto Project East Java, IAC/Wageningen

1988 Evaluation Cidurian Project (socioecon. as­pects), IAC/Wageningen.

1989 Preformulation Lamasi-Rongkong Catchment Area Development Plan, Luwu, South Sulawesi. DGIS.

1989 - 1993 Membership Reference Group on Rural Development, IOV/DGIS, The Hague

1990 Formulation RIAD-project, Luwu, South Sulawesi, DGIS.

1991 Formulation of ACTIP-project, Aceh, N.Sumatra, Maluku. DGIS.

1991-1993 Membership Reference Group Onderzoek Samenwerkingsverbanden, IOV/DGIS.

2002-2004 Membership Reference group ‘Evaluation Municipal International Co-operation’. IOB, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2003-2004 Methodological advice “Drijfveren Onderzoek – Wisselwerking Economie en Visserij”, The Hague: LEI.

2002-2006 Membership Joint Programme Committee (BRP-JPC) of the Biodiversity Research Project, Mindanao, The Philippines.

2006-2007 Partnership in AIRCO: Collaboration in knowledge and research on integrated water resource management. (ESG-Alterra). Partners: Universitas Jambi, Sumatra and  Mulawarman University, Kalimantan, Indonesia.

2006-2008 Project leader of EU-Asia-Link,project: From postgraduate to professional: A partnership for the development of a course for professional capacity in coastal zone managers. COASTALPROFS. Partners: Algarve (Portugal), Chiennai (India), Cantho (Vietnam).

2006-2010 Partner in interdisciplinary research project: RESCOPAR (INREF-Wageningen funded) Supervision 3 PhDs: Rebuilding resilience of coastal populations and aquatic resources: habitats, biodiversity and sustainable use option.

2006-2010 Project leader of Nuffic (NPT 212) project, together with G. Frerks (Disaster Studies) Conflict Mediation Training. Walisongo (IAIN), Semarang, Indonesia.

2008-2012 Project leader (Nuffic NPT/IDN/250) Agricultural Curriculum Development (Agri4) of four higher education institutes in Eastern Indonesia (UNIPA, UNDANA, UNPATTI, POLITANI).