How to publish your data set?

Publishing your research data in a data repository promotes data reuse, verifiability and increases research impact. The Data Librarian can help you publish your data sets in a data repository. Here you will find an overview of how to publish your data in a repository and the support the Data Librarian can provide.

Publishing data

The Data Desk can help you publish your data set(s) in the certified data repositories DANS-EASY4TU.ResearchData and Zenodo. If you choose to publish your data here, the data file preparation as well as storage is a free service offered to you by WUR Library.

To publish your data set, i.e. the collection of data files and documentation files that originate from the same project and/or cover the same thematic subject necessary to verify and/or reproduce the research, the Data Librarian needs the following information:

  • The data files
    All data files (raw data, processed data, code etc.) used in the data collection, processing and analysis. Files that are irrelevant for verification and/or reproduction can be excluded. To ensure that the data files can still be read and used over a long period of time, the data needs to be deposited in a sustainable open format (see 'File formats').
  • A README file
    The README file is a document that accompanies the data set. The README file provides an explanation of the data set, making the data set understandable and reusable. Additionally, it contains the metadata, i.e. data about the data (see below). A template and an explanation for making a README file is available.
  • The Metadata
    Metadata is, besides being added to the README file (see above), used to describe a data set in the data repository, e.g. title, authors, keywords, etc. If not all the necessary metadata is incorporated in the README file, the Data Librarian will contact you for extra information. Proper metadata enhances the findability of your data set.

If you publish your data in another data repository than DANS-EASY, 4TU.ResearchData or Zenodo, the Data Desk can advise you on data file preparation, but the final deposition of the data set will be done by you.

When a data set is published in a data repository, a unique, persistent identifier (e.g. Digital Object Identifier (DOI), accession number) is assigned to it.

Costs of data publishing

There is no cost if you publish data through us at DANS-EASY, 4TU.ResearchData or Zenodo. WUR Library has agreements with DANS-EASY and 4TU.ResearchData. In the exceptional case that there is a cost we will consult with you beforehand. The costs of storage in other data repositories will be for the research group's own account. Additionally, the Data Desk can give you advice on preparing your files for data publishing free of charge. However, we will not actually prepare the data files for deposition.