Participatory structure

The participatory structure is an important partner in policy formation for the Executive Board and the managing directors of the organisational units.

Local participatory bodies

Each Sciences Group has a Joint Works Council for employees of Wageningen University and stichting Wageningen Research who work within the Sciences Group. Additionally, there are separate Works Councils for Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR), Corporate Staff and Facilities & Services. The Joint Works Councils consult with the managing directors of the organisational unit concerned.

Central participatory bodies

Wageningen University & Research has three central participatory bodies. In the Central Works Council (COR), members hold seats delegated by and from among the members of the (Joint) Works Councils of the 5 Sciences Groups, WFSR, Corporate Staff and Facilities & Services. The Student Council (SC) and the Student Staff Council (SSC) are central participatory bodies of the university. The SC consists of students and has a term of one year. The SSC consists of employees of Wageningen University who are delegated by the Central Works Council, supplemented by two directly elected employees of Wageningen University, two directly elected PhD candidates and at least six students who are delegated by the SC. Students and staff have an equal number of votes in the SSC.

The WUR Council is the consultation in which the COR and SSC meet, without the WUR Council as such having legal participation rights. The central participatory bodies consult with the Executive Board.

WUR Council