SG – Movie: ‘The Uprising

Musician and activist Pravini Baboeram presents 'The Uprising', a music documentary that tells the story of resistance against racism in Europe

Organised by Studium Generale

Thu 6 April 2023 20:00

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About series ‘Decolonisation’

One way decolonial movements have addressed symbols of historical injustice is by toppling statues and changing street names. But what is decolonisation? Is
(de)colonisation an event of the past, or are there colonial processes that

continue until today? This series looks at a number of burning questions which touch upon the past and shine a light for the future.

About Movie: ‘The Uprising’

Musician and activist Pravini Baboeram presents 'The Uprising', a music documentary that tells the story of resistance against racism in Europe. What are the connections between racism and decolonial struggle? What is the importance of agency, positionality and neutrality in research or in the cultural sector? With commentary and experiences from academics and activists, the Dutch-Indian singer/songwriter offers a decolonial perspective on the anti-racism movement in the Netherlands, UK and France. The documentary touches upon the history and legacy of colonialism, but also on ways to envision a strategy for the future of the movement.

This documentary zooms in on collective challenges of communities of colour. In 9 self-written songs Pravini connects the fight against Blackface, the struggle for the recognition of colonial crimes that the Netherlands has committed in Indonesia, the fight for the liberation of Palestine and the struggle in the political field for an inclusive society. “The Uprising” offers a unique view of the resistance against racism in Europe through the eyes of people of colour.

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The Netherlands, 2019, 134 minutes English and Dutch spoken with English subtitles

Free entrance for WUR-card holders. You can reserve at moview.nl, under ’10-zittenkaart’.

About Pravini Baboeram

Pravini Baboeram is an artist and activist, creating art to contribute to social change. As an independent artist she has set up her own label Pravini Productions, that has produced 5 albums, 6 singles and 5 international tours. She is co-founder of action committee Holi is not a Houseparty, a campaign against cultural appropriation of the Hindu spring festival Holi, and initiator of the Anti-racism Voting Guide. In addition, she led the campaign Tetary Must Rise, a crowdfunding campaign for the replacement of the statue of colonizer Barnet Lyon by the Hindustani warrior of resistance Janey Tetary. Pravini also set up Indian History Month to celebrate stories and contributions of people from the Indian diaspora. In 2019 she released her album and documentary “The Uprising”, a film about the anti-racism movement in Western Europe.