You in Nature: A wonderful listening experience

What’s the value of nature? And what’s your most valuable experience in nature? To celebrate the outside exhibition ‘The Future of Nature’, all Wageningen Campus residents (staff, students and visitors) are invited to come together to reflect on these questions. Because by sharing such meaningful moments, we could establish a deep sense of connection to ourselves and to others. Are you up for an open and enlightening experience?

Organised by Wageningen Dialogues

Wed 7 September 2022 12:15 to 13:00

Venue Impulse, building number 115

Join the experience

The wonderful life experience is based on the work of dr. Jacky van de Goor, who in turn was inspired by the work of philosopher Martin Buber and the Japanese movie After Life (Hirokazu, 1998). In this experience we will create deep connections with and therewith better understanding for each other, by exploring the central question:

What if there would be an afterlife. There, all your memories will be erased, except for one. Which memory, in nature, do you choose to take with you to eternity?

After this experience we will enjoy the nature on campus, starting with a walk passed the ‘Future of Nature’ outside exhibition. Please take your own lunch, we will provide some sandwiches for the first ones to arrive.