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Is your laptop ready

Via the WUR AppStore, you can usually install all the software you need for your studies on your own laptop from one place for free. This makes it possible to study at any time and to follow the courses and computer practicals online or on campus via your own laptop

Do the readiness check in 3 steps

Need help? (for all laptops)

Visit: ServicePoint IT in Forum
Call: Servicedesk IT +31 317 48 8888
Click: for instruction manuals or go to

✔ Does your laptop meet the WUR study requirements?

Check if your laptop meets the minimum laptop requirements
The models from the annual WUR laptop offer meets this requirements.

Is your laptop equipped with Windows 10 education?
If you do not have Windows 10 education yet, buy and install it for free via

WUR is a Windows University, because most course software is based on the Windows operating system. If you choose a MacBook, you have to install Windows on Mac by ordering Windows 10 education (free) and Parallels Desktop (with a discount) from

✔ Is your laptop ready for the WUR AppStore?

To be able to use the WUR Appstore, your laptop must be linked once to the WUR network with your WUR account. Go to Student Support - WUR AppStore and follow the instructions to link the WUR Appstore. If it is not possible yourself, go to ServicePoint IT in Forum or call Servicedesk IT, they are happy to help you.

✔ You are ready

You are now well prepared and you can start using the WUR AppStore. You will find the study and course software in an easy and clear overview. There is software that you can use all year round or software that is only available during the period of your course or test.