ReShore was founded in 2019 by co-founders Frej Gustafsson and Mitchell Williams. We aim to be a for-profit organisation to rapidly grow and create the change that we know the Living Breakwater is capable of. We are based in Wageningen, the Netherlands, where we work with Wageningen University and student incubator Starthub.

The floating, living breakwater project is targeted for shorelines of high ecological, economical, and cultural value.

Product description

ReShore is designing a living breakwater that uses traditional breakwater technology with mussel and kelp cultivation, creating an integrated breakwater from sea surface to seafloor. The living breakwater combines the protection of a traditional breakwater with the benefits of restoration.

Technology and Innovation

The innovative aspect of our living breakwater solution is the combination of two proven technologies, in the form of a floating breakwater and integrated multi-trophic aquaculture. We are seeking to redefine infrastructure and restoration investment, creating a new space for nature-based solutions to become essential, sustainable building blocks for traditionally unsustainable blue economy sectors. The benefits of our living breakwater are immediate —like gray infrastructure— and strengthen over time—like restoration— creating more resilient coastlines, ecosystems, and communities.

Coastal communities face increasing risk through eroding coastlines, degrading marine ecosystems, and harmful nutrient run-off. Traditional breakwater solutions can mitigate some of these risks, but are harmful for natural ecosystems.

Elements of the Solution


Gray infrastructure can break high-energy waves but can degrade the ecosystem in which it is placed. Our living breakwater provides immediate wave attenuation and restoration services throughout the water column.


The living breakwater protects culturally, ecologically and economically significant coastal areas— restoring ecosystems to their natural state using keystone species. The living breakwater can serve as a building block for ecosystem regeneration worldwide.


The living breakwater is eligible for linkage with burgeoning market instruments, including blue bonds, carbon offsets, and biodiversity offsets — providing flexible, sustainable revenue streams for project investors.


The living breakwater supplies communities with a resilient, restored ecosystem that empowers the community to develop alternative livelihoods, including fishing, harvesting and eco-tourism.