Strategic alliance TU/e, WUR, UU, UMC Utrecht

Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht collaborate intensively in a knowledge alliance. The focus of this collaboration will be on young, highly talented academics and on those subject fields that are able to generate most impact, e.g. strengthening system transitions in the fields of energy, nutrition, health and the circular society. In addition to academic collaboration among the institutions, a wide range of external partners will be involved.

Challenging Future Generations

From 2020, the four partners will be conducting these innovative projects in the coming eight years. The motto of the collaboration is "Challenging Future Generations".

Focus on energy, food, health and circular society

The collaboration is unique because of the complementarity of the knowledge and expertise available at the institutions. The expertise that is combined is in the field of:

  • Artificial Intelligence, in which we connect and where possible combine the knowledge and efforts of the four institutions, to contribute to this area that will have a major impact on science and society.
  • Life Sciences, in which we bring together top researchers of every institution to face challenges that we can only achieve in this broad collaboration.
  • Societal challenges, in which we want to find solutions to challenges on the themes of Health, Nutrition, Energy and Circular Society.
  • Education, in which groups of students from the different institutions work together on (graduation) projects through challenge-based learning.

Focus on impact

With this collaboration, we are even stronger in achieving knowledge development based on science, which helps to solve social issues. We challenge young scientists and students to push their boundaries together and to facilitate them optimally by giving them the space to develop new insights beyond the boundaries of their knowledge. The core of the approach is to let the curiosity of the scientists take the lead.

We bring together teams that are given the opportunity to develop cooperation on the themes mentioned above. These can be transdisciplinary research projects, but also groups of students working on a graduation project through challenge-based education.

The collaboration is daring. The results are uncertain and unpredictable. We see such an approach as necessary to contribute to the transitions that society is facing.

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