WUR Games Hub

At Wageningen University & Research (WUR), serious games are widely used in many different forms and disciplines by researchers, educators, designers, practitioners and activists. The WUR Games Hub brings game experts and enthusiasts together in a community of practice fostering dialogue and collaboration.

Our mission

We aim to share best practices and create new knowledge to advance the domain of serious gaming at Wageningen University & Research and with other serious game organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.

The WUR Games Hub aims to give an overview of serious games and develop a common understanding on how to design, apply and assess this approach.

The WUR Games Hub organizes several types of activities to further the community by:

  • Program regular meetings for discussion, game presentation, or testing with experts
  • Connect and/or develop graduate and postgraduate game-based educational activities
  • Develop protocols for the design to the assessment of serious games
  • Advance games as a transdisciplinary tool for bridging science and society in research and education
  • Explore gaming as a transformative learning tool for education
  • Foster collaborations among game researchers, educators, practitioners and designers
  • Improve MSc and PhD thesis supervision, co-supervision, and advisory in relation to game design and/or assessment
  • Develop joint collaborative research and innovation projects