Transdisciplinary research

WIMEK seeks at developing an integrated understanding of environmental change and its impact on people, society and nature. Therefore, WIMEK aims to be a front runner in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research approaches.

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WIMEK puts its vision into practice by initiating and participating in some large transdisciplinary initiatives, such as:

  • INREF programmes, a WUR fund to tackle the world's pressing development-related social problems by developing innovative interdisciplinary and participatory approaches
  • The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions AMS, a collaboration of WUR, TUD, MIT, local government and business partners
  • Water Nexus, an NWO-STW research programme of 6 Million Euro, that ran from January 2015 to 2020, and was supported by 25 partners from multinational and small/middle sized companies, consultancy firms, research institutes, water boards, and two Ministries.

In 2021 WIMEK hired a postdoc, Jillian Student, for a two-years position to strengthen Wageningen University's position as a globally leading knowledge hub on inter- and transdisciplinary theory and methods in the field of climate and environment.