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WIMEK seeks at developing an integrated understanding of environmental change and its impact on people, society and nature. Therefore, WIMEK aims to be a front runner in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research approaches. Banner image by Dafni Petratou, 2023.

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EASST-4S 2024 Conference

Call for Abstracts: Developing Co-Laborative Methods for Digital Transformations
With digital technologies changing various dimensions of everyday life, from healthcare and dwelling to communication and governance, computer scientists, programmers, IT-scholars, engineers, and cryptographers are playing a key role in shaping these very transformations and, thus, the worlds we inhabit. More Information
Deadline for Abstracts: 12 February 2024

Call for Abstracts: Transdisciplinarity – Then and Now. Reflections on transformations and transformative potentials
As transdisciplinarity (TD) becomes something of a “buzzword” in academic and professional circles, we wish to collectively reflect on TD’s original mission and development. How does the goal of creating new knowledge by transcending disciplinary silos and integrating perspectives from across scientific, academic, and societal boundaries, face up to today’s pressing “wicked problems”? More Information
Deadline for Abstracts: 12 February 2024

Call for papers

Call for papers on interrogating interdisciplinarity can be found here: Collection interrogation interdisciplinarity

NWA Wetenschapscommunicatie 2024

De call ‘NWA Wetenschapscommunicatie’ financiert
projecten die de verbinding tussen wetenschap en samenleving versterken. Bijvoorbeeld door nieuwe vormen van wetenschapscommunicatie aan te
bieden aan doelgroepen die niet vanzelfsprekend met wetenschap in
aanraking komen. Lees meer hier.

Wageningen Global Sustainbility Programme (Former INREF)

Pre-proposal deadline (1st round): 15 October 2023

Full-proposal deadline (1st round): 15 December 2023

Wageningen Global Sustainability Programme funds an cohort of PhDs with the focus on collaboration: between disciplines, geographical locations, institutes and funding agencies by integrating various funding initiatives into comprehensive research programmes. More info can be found here. Call for proposals can be found here.