You will be enrolled in Wageningen University, if you fulfill all enrolment requirements.

When you have been enrolled the Status of your request will change to 'Enrolled' in Studielink. You will also have access to a Proof of Enrolment letter via Osiris.

Enrolment as of September 1

Enrolment as a student at Wageningen University is only possible as of September 1. Enrolment as a student at any other time is only possible in exceptional cases and with permission of the Programme Director and the Head of the Student Service Centre.

Proof of Enrolment, WUR-Card, WUR-Account

When have fulfilled all the enrolment requirements, you will be enrolled as a student at Wageningen University and a ‘Proof of Enrolment’ will be available in Osiris. By email you will receive information about your WUR-Account, how to login to the University network and how to upload your photo for the WUR-Card. By email you will receive information about how you will receive your WUR-Card.

When will I be enrolled as a student?

We can only enroll you, if you meet the enrolment requirements. In Studielink you can follow the progress of your application.


If we do not receive your verified personal details from Studielink, we will ask you to send us a copy of your passport or identity card.

Previous education

If your previous education cannot be verified by DUO/Studielink we will ask you to send us certified copies of your diploma and transcript of records. Your admissibility will be established based on your previous education.


For all our Bachelor programmes you need to participate in the matching activities. More information can be found on this link.

Tuition fee

If you have confirmed a payment by direct debit, then you have fulfilled your payment obligation. If you are planning to transfer the tuition fee to Wageningen University, you will be enrolled after we have received the payment. From May 16th you can enter your payment details in Studielink. Please do so before September 1!

If you have a nationality other than a EU or EFTA nationality, we will contact you.