Online lecture series: Tourism

During this online lecture series, you can already get a taste of the bachelor's programme Tourism. We look at this important sector from different scientific perspectives, like sociology, economy and environment.

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4 weeks, 1 hour per week

Each week you will get several mini (video) lectures and assignments which you can do at home. Students from Wageningen University & Research will help you with the assignments on our online discussion forum.

You also have the opportunity to discuss with fellow candidates to form your own opinion on Tourism. To successfully complete the online lectures series, you will need about one hour per week.  

What is the lecture series about?

The following topics will be covered in the series:

You will learn about a variety of subjects and form an (academic) opinion about: sustainable tourism, McDonaldization, volunteer tourism or even refugee tourism, economical leakages, the effects of tourism on wildlife, the future of tourism, terrorism and hazards, the effect of companies like AirBnB and Uber, the experience of a holiday.