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Meet the Team

The annual Surf your Stress week is organised by a small enthusiastic team of students & professionals.

Heleen Franssen

Heleen Franssen - Project Coordinator Surf your Stress & Student Training & Support

Our aim is to inspire students to navigate stress by connecting with each other, stimulating personal growth, and facilitating self-discovery through the power of shared experiences.

Meyke Faber

Meyke Faber - Student Assistant & Social Media Team (MSc Student Nutrition & Health)

  • Continuing to develop yourself through training is never wrong and can even surprise you when you did not expect it to!
Manouk Grevelman - Student Assistant

Manouk Grevelman - Student Assistant & Social Media Team (MSc Student Nutrition & Health)

  • It’s so important to keep track of your mental health and to start talking about it. Don’t wait too long to address potential issues, or they might get worse than they need to be.

Carly Duijvestijn - Student Assistant & Social Media Team (MSc Student Management Economics & Consumer Studies)

  • Managing your mental well-being is just as important as taking care of your physical health.
Dannie de Kleijn - Coordinator Front Office - Library

Dannie de Kleijn - Front Office Coordinator - Library

  • “Talking about my feelings helped me to find the way up.” I think the program during this Surf Your Stress week can help students to realise that they are not alone in feeling sad, stressed out or under pressure.
Caroline Berkhof

Caroline Berkhof - Communications Adviser

  • It is not always possible to avoid stress, but you can learn how to deal with it. It may not come easy, but it is a skill you can develop and your effort will yield a reward.