Micro-credentials certify the learning outcomes of short-term learning experiences, marking the quality of a course. It guarantees the knowledge, skillset, and achieved learning outcomes.


WUR offers a variety of educational products, from BSc, MSc to MBA’s, and many courses, seminars, masterclasses and programmes. Where bachelor’s and master’s degrees have been established in our society for quite some time, micro-credentials are relatively new.

Other than regular educational curricula, micro-credentials specifically aim to meet the needs of professionals seeking lifelong learning opportunities. As such, micro-credentials particularly involve short-term education, with the amount of study hours involved per course varying from 84 to 840. This comparable to the time investment made for ECTs, ranging from 3 to 30 ECTs per course.

Micro-credentials are granted upon successful completion of a course. This includes evidencing mastery of the course content. For example, by way of an exam, paper, or presentation. The digital certificate that accompanies micro-credentials is called an edubadge.

In the future, learners will experience much more freedom to create their own lifelong development path. Based on individual learning needs, learners will be able to choose and combine courses from diverse educational institutions to form their own path, without having to follow a full bachelor's or master's degree. This gives a professional more control over their own development, path, courses, activities and educational institutions. The national recognition of micro-credentials also recognizes the effort that has been made.
Klaar Vernaillen, project leader Micro-credentials

Micro-credentials for a personalised professional development path

WUR is part of the Dutch pilot of deployment of the micro-credentials within higher education. Still under development, the objective of micro-credentials is to accomplish a large degree of flexibility.

In the near future, learners will enjoy the freedom to create their own lifelong learning path. Directed at an individual’s specific learning objectives, he or she will be able to pick and mix courses, without needing to complete an entire BSc or MSc programme. This gives professionals more control over their own development, path, courses, activities, timeline, and institution. And the guaranteed recognition of micro-credentials provides demonstrable value for the effort made.

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More information

For more information about micro-credentials, please contact Klaar Vernaillen, project lead, klaar.vernaillen@wur.nl